Port Clinton, OH (August 22, 2017) – There is no doubt; the short-reed goose call has revolutionized the waterfowl hunter’s ability to sound just like living geese. The short-reed has also exceled in competition, allowing the best callers in the world to dazzle judges by mimicking an entire flock of Canada geese.

Goose-calling factors like speed and accuracy typically aren’t as imperative in the field as they are on the stage – but, doggonit, those pros sure do sound good. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a short-reed that worked equally well for both hunters and competition calling masters? A fast and responsive, easy-blowing call that rocks out a full range of perfect goose sounds? A call that helps make novice callers sound better and great callers sound incredible?

The folks at Zink Calls have proven once again that nothing is impossible with their release of the all-new Long Neck Rocker (LNR) goose call for 2017. This short-reed Canada goose call easily produces brilliant, true-to-life Canada goose sounds with modest effort. The all-acrylic LNR is high-speed-rated with the hot-rod-fast reed response and crack contest callers love, but also belts out the guttural, big gander low-end vocals that hardcore goose hunters strive for.

The new Long Neck Rocker comes complete with instructional DVD, extra reeds and a Zink leg band in a hard, protective case.

Zink Calls Long Neck Rocker (LNR) Goose Call

  • Fast reed response
  • Deep goosey low-end
  • Great all-around call
  • Includes, instructional DVD, extra reeds and hard case
  • Made in the USA

Orange Marbleade: Model FG-GOOS-65090 / UPC: 810280-05090-5
Blueberry Swirl: Model FG-GOOS-65091 / UPC: 810280-05091-2
Black Swirl: Model FG-GOOS-65092 / UPC: 810280-05092-9
Black Stealth: Model FG-GOOS-65093 / UPC: 810280-05093-6
Green Envy: Model FG-GOOS-65094 / UPC: 810280-05094-3
Pearl Swirl: Model FG-GOOS-65095 / UPC: 810280-05095-0
Cranberry Crusher: Model FG-GOOS-65096 / UPC: 810280-05096-7
Black Gold: Model FG-GOOS-65097 / UPC: 810280-05097-4
Gold Rush: Model FG-GOOS-65098 / UPC: 810280-05098-1
Classic Bird’s Eye Maple: Model FG-GOOS-65099 / UPC: 810280-05099-8
Interference Green: Model FG-GOOS-65100 / UPC: 810280-05100-1
Ultrabright Green: Model FG-GOOS-65101 / UPC: 810280-05101-8

MSRP: $160.00

The all-new-for-2017 Rocker Series consists of the Long Neck Rocker (LNR) Goose Call, the Green Head Rocker (GHR) Single-Reed Duck call and the Green Top Rocker (GTR) Double-Reed Duck Call. Like all Zink calls, they are the result of the finest materials, superior design, and state-of-the-art manufacturing by passionate waterfowl hunters and craftsmen right here in the USA.
Custom built, hand-tuned and ready for the hunt, Zink’s versatile, easy-blowing Long Neck Rocker is sure to have geese banging their heads everywhere this hunting season… especially when they fall in the decoys.