Stock up before hunting season, outfitters say, as supply chains from the U.S. hitting hurdles

Gune getting harder to get in canadaHunters in northern Ontario may have a difficult time buying guns and ammunition this fall, as stock and shipments from the U.S. have hit a supply chain “pinch.”

Walter Boeswald, a manager at Ramakko’s Source for Adventure in Sudbury. says they’re not sounding the alarm bells yet, but he is advising hunters to stock up on gear before hunting season.

“Things that should have been here in stock, let’s say, three or four months ago are just starting to come in, if they are coming in at all,” Boeswald said.

“Even though we were able to get a lot of stuff, we still are missing a ton of inventory.”

Although he wouldn’t call it a shortage, Boeswald said the supply chain coming over the border is in a small “pinch.

by Casey Stranges ยท CBC News