Plano, IL (January 7, 2015) – An outdoor lifestyle is physically demanding.  Whether laboring around the farm, ranch or homestead or recreating in your vast outdoor playground, you’ll move a staggering quantity of gear and supplies in your lifetime.  This tonnage can take its toll on your back.  And if you aren’t careful, the outdoors lifestyle you treasure can come to a premature end.

Don’t trade your tomorrows for today.  Get the job done, but lift those loads easier and more safely using Tenzing technology.

The new Tenzing TZ SS15 Sherpa Sling is the ultimate carryall load sling – a relatively simple idea executed with maximum impact through Tenzing’s brand-defining engineering and attention to detail.  The secret?  The Sherpa Sling takes heavy loads off the back and arms and distributes them among the stronger muscle groups in the legs, shoulders and core.

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The Sherpa Sling is designed to comfortably tote light or heavy loads, as well as any difficult or awkward-to-carry item. Sure, it makes a great bow, crossbow or rifle sling, but the TZ SS15 Sherpa Sling comes into its own when carrying the hunter’s tree stands, climbing ladders, coolers, decoy bags and more.  Around the homestead, it’s the perfect tool for carrying propane tanks, firewood, hay bales… even laundry baskets. If you can secure the load with rope or any of the three included strap sets, the Sherpa Sling will carry it… easier and a lot more safely. The Tenzing TZ SS15 Sherpa Sling can attach to itself and be worn like a belt until its heavy lifting power is needed.  When pressed into duty, the Sherpa Sling can be worn over a single shoulder, or across the body, bandolier-style.

Tenzing has engineered and constructed the TZ SS15 Sherpa Sling with the same standard of care it gives to its industry-leading hunting packs, bird hunting vests and optics holsters.  The result is a product that is extremely comfortable to wear and will perform for a lifetime.

The core of the Sherpa Sling is its 1-1/4-inch ballistic Nylon webbing strap, ensuring heavy lifting capability.  The middle section of the strap is covered with 2-3/4-inch wide, ¼-inch thick Neoprene, providing both grip and just the right amount of stretch for amazing comfort.  This Neoprene section is finished in Realtree Xtra Spandex for additional comfort, durability and concealment in hunting applications.  Both ends of the Sherpa Sling accept Hypalon straps with high strength Velcro closures to secure your chosen cargo.  Three sizes of straps are provided, but rope, paracord or even ratchet straps can also be used in a pinch to attach particularly large or unwieldy loads.  Duraflex hardware completes the list of this small wonder’s high-end components.

Tenzing TZ SS15 Sherpa Sling

  • 1-1/4-inch wide primary strap webbing
  • 2-3/4-inch wide x 1/4-inch thick non-slip Neoprene shoulder sling covered in Realtree Xtra Spandex
  • 8, 10 and 12-inch Hypalon carrying straps with Velcro closures to secure a variety of loads
  • Duraflex hardware
  • MSRP: $49.99

Tenzing products are renowned for their ability to comfortably carry heavy loads, and their new, workmanlike TZ SS15 Sherpa Sling is sure to broaden that reputation.  So start playing it safe by playing it smart.  Take care of your back by letting the new Tenzing Sherpa Sling take over your heavy lifting duties… and start adding many good years to your outdoor lifestyle.

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