Plano, IL (December 17, 2016) – For all their advantages relative to aiming ease and downrange accuracy, crossbows can be cumbersome to handle, store and transport. But today’s crossbows are changing. Innovative new designs are introduced each year that are lighter and narrower than previous models, providing real benefits with respect to use and handling in the field. A downside to these trends is that it has become increasingly difficult for crossbow users to find the best case to store their equipment.

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Soft cases, while offering a more universal fit, serve largely as a cosmetic cover and add little value in the way of true protection. A hard case is the way to go, but any single hard crossbow case simply won’t fit every crossbow model on the market.

The protection pros at Plano currently dominate the molded crossbow case market, with either their BowMax or Manta hard crossbow cases fitting just about every crossbow available. But just because a case fits doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice.

“Since crossbow dimensions are trending down, many of today’s so-called universal crossbow cases are unnecessarily bulky and don’t mesh well with the new shorter and narrower crossbow designs,” says Plano Director of Brand Management, Mike Edwards. “Our engineering team has studied and, ultimately, redefined how a crossbow should fit into a case and have created a brand new case for 2016 that fills a much-needed void in the market.”

Meet the all-new Plano SPIRE, a compact, molded crossbow case that looks as good as it functions, providing superior Plano-grade protection for today’s modern crossbows at a surprisingly low price.

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At first glance, the low profile and compact exterior dimension of the all-new SPIRE are immediately evident. An appreciation of the quality and details of the finely-molded exterior comes next. Plano put their nearly 80 years of molding experience to work developing the intricate and striking details of this case, all of which provide function through increased strength, rigidity, durability and function. And, um… did we mention it looks really cool? George Lucas probably doesn’t own a crossbow, but we’re pretty sure he wishes he’d had a few of these for his Hollywood artists to work with while shooting his legendary intergalactic movie trilogy.

Three strategically-placed, heavy-duty latches secure the case, while a total of four padlock hasps scream security to would-be thieves. A pair of balanced, opposing handles are molded onto each side and facilitate comfortable and convenient carry. Want to sit your case down on its side to save space during storage? No problem, the new SPIRE has molded and level base supports on one side.

Innovation and utility continue inside the all-new SPIRE. A series of Velcro straps and molded-in gates suspend the crossbow in the case, while a padded foam insert guards against abrasion. Additional provided Velcro straps will neatly-secure a quiver into the molded channel in the SPIRE’s base.


  • Compact Size Fits New Crossbow Sizes
  • Three Heavy Duty Latches
  • Balanced Carry Handles
  • Stands on Side for Easy Storage
  • Padlock Hasps
  • Quiver Storage in Base
  • Lashing Straps to Secure Crossbow in Case
  • Foam Padding for Crossbow Protection
  • Exterior Dimensions: 41.22”Lx27”Wx12.25”H
  • Fit Dimensions: 39”Lx24.5”Wx12”H
  • Weight-8.0

Suggest Retail $89.99

Crossbows are getting smaller, lighter and easier to use than ever before. Thankfully, at least one company is making new cases for this new equipment that are just as smart. The SPIRE joins Plano’s popular BowMax and Manta to form the most-complete line of hard, molded crossbow cases available.

The SPIRE Crossbow Case is one of several exciting new-for-2016 products being unveiled by Plano at next month’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

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