Hunting Organizations

National Firearms Assoc.
The National Firearms Association is the united voice of Canadian firearm owners. Our Members are from across Canada — we have Members in every province and territory in Canada, as well as Members in many other countries around the world.

National Rifle Assoc.,,Organizations,”While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world.”

Ontario Association of Beagle Clubs,,Organizations,The Ontario Association of Beagle Clubs (OABC) is made up of individual beagle clubs that enjoy the sport of beagling and use their small hounds for tracking cottontail rabbits.

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters,,Organizations,”Protecting and enhancing Ontario’s natural resources has always been the primary mandate of the O.F.A.H. From its first lobbying efforts that resulted in commissions to study the state of fish and wildlife, grassroots projects enhancing fish spawning beds and wildlife habitat, and wildlife reintroduction programs, the O.F.A.H. has been at the forefront of conservation.”

Ontario Trackers,,Organizations,”Ontario Trackers is an informal group of people who are interested in the skills of wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness, as well as the ancient philosophies of living with the Earth. These skills and philosophies are those that are taught at the Tracker School in New Jersey by Tom Brown Jr.”

Sportmens’ Hunter Eduation,,Organizations,”We offer the Ontario Hunter Safety Program, and the Canadian Firearms Safety courses. One Stop Shopping!”
THE GREATER ONTARIO HUNTING ASSOCIATION,,Organizations,a website dedicated to all hunters who seek information and want to participate in the site created to cater to Ontario hunting activities..

The Highlands Wilderness Training Institute Haliburton Ontario,,Organizations,Wilderness First Aid & Wilderness Survival Training in The Haliburon Highlands Minden Ontario

The Survival Guide,,Organizations,”The online guide to wilderness survival . Includes: finding water, food,survival kits, knife care, shelters, medical kits and more. Plus a regions guide so you can get good survival tips and advice on anywhere in the world.”

Barrie Gun Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”The Barrie Gun Club is located just west of Barrie along highway 90. The Club relocated to its present location from the old site on Miller Road in Barrie. There is a beautiful new clubhouse and indoor range, and outside there are shotgun, rifle and pistol ranges.”

Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club is a non-profit club incorporated and registered with the province of Ontario.The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club was established in 1954 and grown from 50 members to it’s present level of 1200 members.

Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”The Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club was established in 1954 and grown from 50 members to it’s present level of 1700+ members. The Club offers Bulls-eye, IPSC, Rifle, Silhouette, Blackpowder, Airguns, Juniors and PPC leagues”

Eastern Ontario Handgun Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”The Eastern Ontario Handgun Club offers a relaxed atmosphere in which target shooters can enjoy a wide range of pistol disciplines. At the club’s recently renovated facility in the Larose Forest, just 30 minutes East of downtown Ottawa, we have one 50m and two 40m handgun covered ranges, with plans in place for another 50m covered range in 1997. Members have year round access to the facilities, seven days a week from 9:00am to dusk.”

Fall Hunting Show,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”New for this fall. September 11, 12 & 13, 2009 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario”
Forest Hill Revolver Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,Forest Hill Revolver Club (Est 1940) – Providing recreational handgun shooting on our indoor range in Gormley. All handgun calibres and .22 rifle.

Grenville Fish & Game Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”The Grenville Fish & Game Club is located on Campbell Road North just off MacIntosh Road north of the Town of Prescott, Ontario. Alternatively, due south of the Village of Maynard, Ontario on Campbell Road.”

Guelph Rod And Gun,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,Our URL has moved as we have bought our own ..

NCRRA Skeet Section,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”NCRRA Skeet Section, Formerly the Ottawa Valley Trap and Skeet Club”

Northumberland Pistol and Revolver Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,Outdoor range for pistol revolvers and smallbore rifles
Prince Edward Rod and Gun Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,The County’s Outdoors Club!

Serbian Hunting Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,Hamilton’s best Hunting and Fishing Club. Take a look at our photo album and you’ll see lot of pictures from our hunting & fishing trips.

Sharon Gun Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”Located in Sharon, Ontario, Canada (north of Toronto).”

SMITHS FALLS FISH & GAME CLUB,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”50,100,200 yard rifle/handgun range, trap range, 2 handgun only ranges, archery range, large clubhouse.”

Sudbury Game & Fish Protective Association,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,Family oriented club involved in the conservation and wise use of our wildlife and resources in and around the Sudbury Area

Sudbury Revolver Club,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,Sudbury Revolver Club located on maki Rd. in Garson.

Wateroo Rod & Gun,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”RR #1, 1075 Bo-De Lane, St. Jacobs, Ontario.“N0B 2N0 (519) 664-2951″

York County Bowmen,,Rod_and_Gun_Clubs,”Ontario’s oldest continuously operating archery club. Incorporated 1956. Located just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Vivian forest, we own 50 acres of wooded land. If you want to hone your bowhunting skills our outdoor shooting courses are open all year round and consists of a constantly changing 3D course and a 14 target permanent FITA course.”